We Must Pass the Torch of Holocaust Remembrance

This is the Holocaust survivors’ final decade: there is a burden on all of us to use this precious time to learn everything we can from them and to formulate a way to ensure that the Holocaust will never be forgotten.

The eternal flame of Holocaust education

Just a week before International Holocaust Memorial Day, the passing of the UN resolution to fight Holocaust denial and strengthen Holocaust education has served as a timely reminder of the urgency of the issue.

UAE delegation – memorial Holocaust march

A delegation from the United Arab Emirates will participate in the International March of the Living, a Holocaust education event which memorializes victims of the Nazi genocide, this year.

March of Living inspires new generation as survivors fade away

“We remember Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We remember King David,” said Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau, the son of Holocaust survivor and former Israeli Chief Rabbi Isaac Meir Lau. Like others at an event that melds the sorrow of the past with hope for the future, he believes the world won’t forget.